Tools for CNC machines

24.6.2019 - Summer vacation

Due to summer vacation will be Pilana MCT closed in weeks 30 and 31.
Thank you for your understanding.

3.12.2018 Christmas holiday at Pilana MCT

Due to Christmas holiday will be Pilana MCT closed from 22.12 2018 - 6.1 2019.


Due to public holiday will be Pilana MCT closed on 5.7.2018 and 6.7.2018.
Thank you for understanding.

MarForm MMQ 400-2

MarForm MMQ 400-2 is an universal form measuring machine for measuring deviations of shapes and positions. We use a version with the motorized centering and tilting table. Vertical axis (Z) with 500 mm measuring length, horizontal axis (X) with 280 mm measuring length. The T7W motorized probe with magnetic base for scanning arms is equipped with a motorized axis which allows to move the probe gradually (1 grade).

Kruhoměr MarForm MMQ 400-2

Mitutoyo SJ-410

Mitutoyo SJ-410 surface roughness measuring instrument. Transversal feeding unit 25mm, skidless system with touch-screen functionality and built-in printer.
The gauge is mounted on the manual pillar stand with automatic feeding unit towards the measured surface.

Drsnoměr Mitutoyo SJ-410

18.4.2018 - Holiday

Due to holiday will be Pilana MCT closed in 30.4.2018 and 7.5.2018.
Thank you for understanding.

Inventory 31.10.2017

Dear customers,
we inform you that on 31.10.2017 will be running the inventory of commercial goods.
Expedition of goods will be closed on 27.10.2017, re-start of expedition will be on 2.11.2017.
Thank you for your understanding.

Change of phone number

Change of phone number

29.1.2016 Přeprava zásilek DPD Private

Vážení zákazníci, od 1.2.2016 začínáme využívat služby přepravní společnosti DPD.

MSV 29.9. - 3.10.2014

Hydraulic high precision toolholders HYDRO-GRIP

Dear customer's,in cooperation with Swedish company ETP we have extended our offer of hydraulic toolholders (range HYDRO-GRIP).


Dear customers, due to the interruption of electrical energy supply will be Pilana MCT closed on Wednesday 11.6. 2014.
Thank you for your understanding.

Balancing machine HAIMER TD 2009 Comfort Pĺus

Due to increasing demand for more accurate balancing our company bought a new balancing machine HAIMER Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort Plus. The value of residual imbalance is 0,5 gmm.

vyvažovačku HAIMER Tool Dynamic TD 2009 Comfort Plus

Contracer Mitutoyo CV-2000

Dear cutomer’s we would like to inform you that due to the more frequent needs for evaluation of accurate dimensions we have bought a new contracer mitutoyo CV-2000.


25.10.2013 - Turning inserts for cutters and cutter units

Dear customers,
newly we have added to our assortment turning inserts Mitsubishi for cutters and cutter units beveled for boring bars for finishing (D19 and 25mm). Inserts can be use for cutters beveled PN242421.1 dimension 6-17, 6-21 and 8-28 and for cutter units PN242421 dimension 6-17, 6-21 and 8-28.

4008500 Turning insert Mitsubishi WCGT020102L NX2525 (Cermet) - for steel, stainless steel, cast iron
4008501 Turning insert Mitsubishi WCGT020102L HTi10 - for alloy

23.10.2013 - Cutters beveled dimension M6 and VDSK

Dear customers,
we have extended our assortment about cutters and cutter units beveled dimension M6 with exchangeable inserts for boring bars for fonishing D19mm.

Cutters description:
45220101 Cutter beveled 6-17 VDSK PN242421.1 for boring of diameter 20÷26mm
45220102 Cutter beveled 6-21 VDSK PN242421.1 for boring of diameter 25÷32mm
Cutter units description:
45220201 Cutter unit beveled 6-17 VDSK PN242421 for boring of diameter 20÷26mm
45220202 Cutter unit beveled 6-21 VDSK PN242421 for boring of diameter 25÷32mm

For these cutters and cutter units is also possible to deliver turning inserts Mitsubishi:

4008500 Turning insert Mitsubishi WCGT020102L NX2525 (Cermet) - for steel, stainless steel, cast iron
4008501 Turning insert Mitsubishi WCGT020102L HTi10 - for alloy

Metalloobrabotka 2013

Dear business partners,
we invite you to visit our stand in Metalloobrabotka, Moscow, Russia, May 27 - 31, 2013. In this fair we will present you our full production assortment and inform you about our customer service.
Pavilion FORUM
FD 070

Special offer of VDI tool shanks.

Dear customers, we have prepared a special offer of VDI tool shanks. These are the cutter holders (form B3, B4, C1, C2, C3, C4), tool holders (form E1, E2, E4) and Morse reduction shape F. For more information about pricing and availability in our e-shop (after registration and login). Eventual orders can be also sent to . Thank you.

E-shop PILANA MCT, spol. s r.o.


Christmas holiday at Pilana MCT

Due to Christmas holiday will be Pilana MCT closed from 21.12 2012 - 6.1 2013.

IMT Brno 2012

From 10. - 14. 9. 2012 we would like you to welcome in our booth in IMT exhibition 2012 to be held in Brno.

1 and 8 May 2012 Public holiday

Due to public holiday will be Pilana MCT 1 and 8 of May closed.

17.November 2011 Public holiday

Due to public and company holiday will be Pilana MCT from 17-18 of November closed.

New company residence

As we informed you, in the summer Pilana MCT had moved to the new premise. The movement was executed only within Pilana a.s. area. It means, that the company address remain unchanged.
Photo of the new premise is attached.

Move in new premises

During months July and August will Pilana MCT move in the new premises. Because it is only movement within the area of Pilana, address and company name remain unchange.
Moving will be realized during summer company holiday. 4.7 - 8.7 2011 and 25.7 - 5.8 2011. During this period of time company will be closed.

Transport box for control bars

We offer wooden box for control bars, which protect bar during transportation and storing.

Control bar is packed in elastic net, prevent it against scratching. Bar is fixed by two wooden flanges, which secure the bar against free movement inside transport box. Thereby the risk of mechanical damage during transportation is eliminated.

Storing bar in vertical position minimize risk of reducing accuracy of control bar during long term storage.


Improvement of boring reliability

We would like to inform you about constructional modification boring bars for roughing, which improve boring reliability. Especially when boring bar was adjusted for minimum dimension happened that chips were drifted around cutting tip. Modification consist of shorten cutter unit and milling two slots of 180° in boring bar for off-taking chips. Modified cutter unit can be use for old version of boring bar without slots for off-taking chips. Old version will not be delivered, catalogues numbers remain unchanged.

IMT 2010

From 13.09 2010 - 17.09. 2010 Pilana MCT participated in 52.International Engineering Fair IMT to be held in Brno.